List of members

Why to join ISCOWA?

The ISCOWA membership includes a broad network within the field.

In addition:

  • ISCOWA members get a discount of 100 € on the WASCON conference fees.
  • The WASCON conferences are always arranged by ISCOWA members. This does not only entail the local organization work, but also the opportunity to design the conference theme and program as well as study trips, work shops and short courses in connection with the conference.
  • The scientific committee members of the WASCON conferences are mainly chosen among experts (both experienced and new researchers) within ISCOWA, who also act as session chair persons.

How much does it cost?

The annual membership fee for ISCOWA is 50 € or 135 € for three consecutively years.

How to join ISCOWA?

To become a member of ISCOWA, you can use the Registration form.

ISCOWA’s list of members can be viewed here.

More information on ISCOWA’s members is available for members of ISCOWA only, via the secretariat. This information may be used for personal use only.

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